Restructuring, Mediating, and Liquidating Business Debts

A solution for your most pressing obligations.

Foothills Business Solutions specializes in representing businesses in the restructuring, negotiation, and liquidation of problem business debt.

Our Objective – To reach a negotiated restructured settlement amount with a creditor or the attorney or collection agency representing a creditor, on behalf of a business debtor. Every endeavor is made to restructure a business debt for between 30% and 70% of its value.

The Process – Foothills Business Solutions and our client meet together to review all facts regarding debt origination. Foothills Business Solutions then undertakes an analysis using its copyrighted system and will contact the creditor(s) on behalf of our client business.

Foothills Business Solutions then negotiates and restructures the amounts using our specialized systems.

The Cost – No result, no fee. If we do not reach a restructured settlement amount to your satisfaction, you pay nothing. We are paid on performance only. Our fees are based on a modest percentage of the money saved in the restructuring.

Creditors have attorneys and collection agencies to turn to when there is a problem with an account receivable. Who does the business debtor have to represent them when there is a problem bill or a cash flow crunch?

Business is just too complex these days to do it all yourself. As our offering is on a "no success, no fee" basis, we have to be good at what we do! Take our effort, and at our expense try us first.

Please note that we are not a law firm and do not render legal advice. If the services of an attorney are required, then only a law firm can provide such legal services. We are not a “debt settlement” firm and do not work with consumer debt.

Our processes and systems have yielded successful outcomes in the vast majority of cases.

Although little known, there are specialist firms that only work for the debtors. Business restructuring consultants, also known as business debt mediation specialists, are now used by thousands of businesses across the country.

Employees, cash flow, production, deliveries, inventory, plant and equipment, R&D, service, accounts receivable, creditors, bank loans, environmental problems, workers comp insurance, and so on… These are some of today’s headaches for the average business person trying to get ahead, or just trying to stay on top of it all.

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Business Debts Restructured

  • Problem Debts
  • Disputed Bills
  • Credit Cards
  • Invoices and Statements
  • Lawsuits and Judgments
  • Workers Compensation Premium Arrears
  • Workers Compensation Misclassifications
  • Delinquent Property or Machinery/Office Equipment Rental and Leases
  • Business Loans or Mortgage or Leases on Business Property
  • Any Liability Overdue by 90 Days
  • Quick Solution
  • Prevent or Stop Lawsuits

No Success, No Fee

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